How the pricing works?

To make your life easier and simple we have introduced the Time Bank, a different approach to get your accounts running in a flexible way. At IGERSLIKE instead of paying for a certain amount of accounts that some you don't use, here you will pay only for the time that you wanna actually add to each account. Unlike some other software where sometimes you pay for 200 "slots" or "accounts" but you actually only use half of them. With IGERSLIKE you will purchase DAYS that can be distributed across your accounts, this way you can add how many days you wish to specific accounts.

When you add time into an account it doesn't matter if you run an activity or not, the time will pass, so make sure when adding time, you turn your activity ON so you take the maximum advantage from it.

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How to Buy Time & Prices

The pricing can be found at your Instagram Tool -> Time Bank . The more days you purchase, more discount you will get, this gives the ability for users who pretend to run a large number of accounts to get more discounts. The pricing can change from time to time depending on how hard is to keep our tool working. Check the screenshot below to understand how it works

Instagram Tool Pricing

How to Add Time to Accounts

After you have purchased the Days from Instagram Tool -> Time Bank you are now ready to add them. Visit your Accounts page , select the Account or Accounts that you wish to Add time and choose "Add Time"

How to assign time to an Account

After you click this option a new Modal / Windows will open, in that window, you will choose how much days you want to add to each account. Check the screenshot below and their steps explaining how it works:

Distributing Time

Step 1 - How many days you available to Distribute
Step 2 - How much days do you want to add from your Time Bank into EACH account that you have selected. Remember you will input the number of days to add to EACH Account. So let's say you have selected 10 Accounts and you choose to add 10 days to each, this will result in deducting 100 days from your Time Bank Balance.
Step 3 - The target Accounts usernames, so you can double check before you submit.

Trial Period

Yes. All accounts added to our system will get 3 days of FREE trial. The trial can only be used once per Instagram user. Trial time will not be credited back to your Time Bank in case you remove the account, but it can be transfered to other accounts. The trial time is only added after the account is logged in.

Transfer Time Between Accounts

You can also transfer time between your Instagram Accounts, either because you made a mistake or either because you want to distribute your current time to other accounts. To do this just visit the Accounts page and choose the Account that you wish to transfer the time FROM on the checkbox ( Same way as Add Time method ) , a Modal / window will open so you can choose the target Account to transfer time TO, check the screenshot that shows how to do it :

Accounts - Transfer Time

Transfer Time Window

What happens If I remove an account?

When you remove an account and that account still have time left, the time will be added back into your time bank. So, in this case, you never lose time if an account gets banned or you don't want to manage a certain account anymore.

Auto-Renew Accounts

We understand if you have a lot of accounts to take care, its hard to manage their time and renew each one alone. You can set Accounts to auto-renew their time automatically. This feature will add the number of days that you configure once the account is about to expire. By Default this featured is turned OFF. You can find this feature under your Account Page > Configure > Time Managment. You can also decide to new renew in case this account is not performing activity since some time ( 3 days ) , this way you will not renew accounts that have problems or are not performing well. The time is obviously deducted from your Time Bank, in case you don't have enough time the renewal will fail.

Auto Renew - Toggle ON/OFF to enable Automatic Time Renewal
Renew for Days - How much days we should add to this account automatically ( If turned ON )
If Has Problems - If turned OFF we will check if the account has made ANY activity in the last 3 days, in case the account didn't did ANY activity on the past 3 days ( Counting from the renewal date ) we will NOT add time to this account. This prevents from renewing accounts that are possible stopped or has problems. ON - Will auto-renew the account even if it has problems. OFF - It will not auto-renew

The screenshot below shows how to configure this options and where you can find them :

Auto Renew Account

Checking the Time Bank History

Sometimes its useful to know where you spent your time, you can find this history on Instagram Tool -> Time Bank . This table will tell you what account the time was added, how much days it was added, the time before adding and the time after adding.

Time Bank History

What happens when the time is expired

If the time of an account is expired, we will only stop the current activity for this account. All the settings and configurations will remain intact, you can edit, remove and still manage your account, just not perform any automated activity.

Is there any accounts limit?

No. You can add as many accounts as you wish, but the accounts will only run if you add time.
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