What is Automatic Instagram know also as Autolikes?

The Automatic Instagram will save your precious time by automated your Instagram Likes Purchase process! This feature detects each new picture, video or album added on some Instagram account. When a new post is detected the system is going to create an order automatically for your new post on your behalf. You can automate the system to delivery Likes, Comments, Mentions, Views or Impressions!

Start by navigating to Marketplace > Automatic Instagram , the screenshot above shows where you can find this menu :

Finding the Automatic Instagram Menu

Adding your Order

Before you try to add an order, make sure that the Instagram account you want to use is NOT PRIVATE After that just fill the form with the following information:

Username - The Instagram username without the full link or @ Ex: cristianoronaldo

Product - There are only Instagram products. You must choose one from the list

Amount - Amount of likes, comments, views, etc that each order should deliver this amount can be a fixed number or random amount. Learn more about 🔢 Order Random Amounts

Comments - In case your product comments, you may add your comments here, the comments support spintax, and spintax is highly recommended, so everytime you post a new picture the spintax will generate a different comment

Filters - Media's types that the system may generate orders. For example, if you only want to get likes on pictures, you must choose the filter "Only Pictures". Otherwise, it will add orders also to Videos and Albums.

Check profile every - How often it should check for new posts

Limit by time - Determine after how many time the system must stop checking for new posts

Limit by a number of posts - Determine after how many posts checked the system must stop checking for new posts

The screenshot below shows the first steps to add an Automatic Instagram Order :

Add Automatic Instagram

You can choose to fill the Basic settings or even go deeper and configure everything your way!

Add Automatic IG - Settings

Controlling your current orders ( History )

You can see your Automatic Instagram History at the bottom of the same page where the form is.
The history will tell you how much pictures/media were done already, the last time the profile was checked and other relevant information.

Automatic Instagram History

The same way as the 🔄 Automatic Orders - Add & How it works the orders created by the Automatic Instagram system can be found your Regular Orders Page so basically we would just by placing a regular order everytime we find a new post. By Clicking on Details button you will find the order IDS that were created by this order and more additional information

Generated Orders IDs

How to cancel an order or make actions on a specific order

If you don't want in order to proceed anymore or you want to restart it you may select the order like the image below. Canceling an order will stop this automatic order from adding new orders, you can also choose to restart it and it will start over again like its a "new" order. You can use "Check Profile now" in case we have missed a picture for you!

Automatic Instagram Orders Actions

Order Comments Automaticly

As told on the previous step, with Automatic Instagram Orders you can also choose to get comments everytime time you post a picture, thats why we have renamed this product from "Auto Likes" because you can add other products besides the likes.

A important thing to understand while adding automatic comments is you should use Spintax, if you are not sure what spintax is please click here to learn more and. Basicly the spintax is a method to generate random text based on what you input. Example : {hi | hello | hola } would generate randomly : Hi, Hello, or Hola. So with just with spintax comment , everytime we do an automatic order for you this comment will be different. The comments to be spinned must start and end with brackets "**{ }**" and the separators should be "|"

The more comments you add the less are chances of duplicated/similar comments being delivered. Here you should add one comment per line, press SHIFT + ENTER to trigger a new line ( works on MAC and Windows ) .

Example of Spintaxed comments :

{hello|hi|hey} this is a very {nice|good|amazing|great} {picture|video|art}
{keep up the good posts|in love with your gallery|amazing gallery there}
{omg i love it| wow| amazing}
{{great|amazing} {gallery|videos|pictures}|{you have|you post}}

Testing your spintax

A quick search on Google by "Spintax Tester" will result in website to test your spintax, in any case here are few links to test test your spintax :

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