Currency & Payment Methods

The default currency in the website is EURO and all payments should be done in the main currency, otherwise, it might come with a delay.
There are 2 types of Payment Gateways you can choose to charge your balance:

Paypal ® that offers also the simple PayPal checkout processor, but this option is not enabled for recent users! If your account is not enabled and you wish to start making deposits through the Paypal you should contact the support team or submit a ticket so we can activate it for you +1

Bitcoin To use this method you may contact our support team directly so they can tell you the process.

Balance System

IGERSLIKE works with balance system. It means that you deposit funds in your account so you can spend it later on the website. You can check your current balance in the upper-right corner of the website.

Current Balance

Follow My Account > Billing , charge your account right now through Paypal and check your deposit history.
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