IGERSLIKE offer free private proxies that you can use, but it's not recommended to apply to if you pretend to manage a lot of accounts. In this tutorial, we will explain where you can buy your own private proxies and how to correctly add them and authorize them to use on IGERSLIKE. We will recommend a few providers but feel free to do a quick search on Google and get any provider that you feel comfortable with.

1 ) 🤔 Why you need a proxy?
Unlike traditional software, IGERSLIKE works on the cloud, to make sure that your connections are private and done by unique IP address a proxy is required. A Proxy is basically a mask to cover our original server IP. If you run legitimate accounts, you probably don't want your IP Shared with spammers or Black haters, so it's highly recommended to have your own dedicated IP/Proxy. This helps to keep your account secure and out of Instagram radars.

1.1 ) 👨‍🏫 Instagram Proxies vs. Private Proxies, what's the difference?

Some proxy providers sell "Instagram Proxies", this usually happens because providers limit what kind of networks you can use your proxies for, often, when buying Instagram proxies the provider will make sure that the proxies work with Instagram Network, when buying regular private proxies these proxies could be banned on Instagram, that's the main difference. For instance, a proxy could be banned on Twitter but still work fine with Instagram.

1.2 ) 🤷‍♂️ Can I use public free proxies?

NO, in fact, you can, but we don't really recommend, and we cannot guarantee they will work. Publicly available proxies are most likely banned from Instagram networks, and also they have a terrible connection, so for these reasons, we don't really recommend to use them. Avoid also buying shared proxies, they can be very cheap, but you never know what other users have done on them.

2 ) ⌨️ Proxies - Authorize Our servers

If you believe your proxies are not working, there are few steps to check before asking for help. If you are looking to purchase Proxies, check this article : Proxies - Where to Purchase & Why you need them

Authorization by IP - In case your Proxy Provider supports Authorization by IP Address is recommended to use this option, authorize our server IP: This IP can change depending on what server your IGERSLIKE is tied to. Always visits the Proxies Page to check the correct IP for your account. The IP authorization can take from 1-5 minutes to apply, be patient in that case.

Authorization by Username and Password - In case your Proxy Provider supports username:password authorization you can also use this proxy at IGERSLIKE, the correct syntax is: proxy_username:[email protected]:port . Please don't insert your Instagram username or password this is the PROXY username and PROXY password! Example : xpoditijd:[email protected]:8080 or https://username:[email protected]:8080

Using Socks 5 Proxies - IGERSLIKE supports any kind of proxies, if you wanna use socks5 proxies please use the following syntax: socks5://exemple:45554 in case it doesn't work, please try socks5h://exemple:45554

Pro tip: IGERSLIKE uses Guzzle to perform requests, you can follow the Guzzle Proxies documentation here with detailed information.

Using Domain / Residential Proxies - If you are using Residential proxies, you probably got a domain name instead of a proxy IP. In that case, the correct syntax is: https://username:[email protected] in case it doesn't work, please try without the prefix as follows: username:[email protected] ( We are using Limunati just as an example). Alternative if your proxy supports IP Authorization you may add the domain directly Ex: myproxy.io:8080

🔑 2.1 ) Adding Proxies

You can add one or multiple proxies at once, please insert ONE proxy per line and press "Add" when you are finished

How to Add Proxies

2.2 ) 📡 Testing Proxies Connection

You can also test your proxies to make sure they are working well, and they actually connect to Instagram. The proxies are tested against instagram.com and wtfismyip.com. This doesn't mean they will not be banned with Instagram, is simply a "ping" to make sure the connection works and retrieve the location information. Simply click the "Test" Button next to your proxy row as the screenshot shows

Testing the Proxy Part I

Checking the Proxy Connection & Location

2.3 ) ☎️ Connection Errors

Sometimes certain providers use different proxy handlers, IGERSLIKE supports two methods as proxy handling. Using CURL or Using Stream , if your proxy is failing you wanna first try switching this.

How to Switch Proxies Handlers

2.4 ) 📌 How to assign a proxy to an Account

After adding a proxy its necessary to add this proxy into your Instagram Account. You can choose to use IGERSLIKE free proxies ( not recommended ) or select the ones you have added. If you wish, you can also add a proxy that is not yet at your list.

Editing the Account Proxy

A Modal will open, and you can choose a proxy from the drop-down

2.5 ) 👥 How many accounts I can add per proxy?

There is no exact number of how much accounts you can run under a single proxy, in any case, try to stick with 1:1 ( Means 1 proxy per 1 account ) In case you find this expensive for your pocket you might add additional accounts to a single proxy, but we don't recommend to run more than 10 accounts. A fair amount would be running 1-3 accounts per proxy maximum.

2.6 ) Automatic Assigners

Sometimes you have a lot of Proxies, and it's hard to keep track of what proxy to assign to each account. You can make this in an automated way, so you don't have to worry about it.

IGERSLIKE Proxy - In case you choose this option a random free proxy is used.
Random - Picks a random proxy from your list.
Less Used - Picks the proxy with fewer accounts tied to it.

This option can be found when you click Edit Account and the screenshot below shows how to do it.

How to Assign Proxies Automaticly

3 ) ⏱ Automatic Proxy Rotation

To also help with all these messy blocks in the previous updates, we have also added a feature to rotate proxies for your account. This feature will simply switch the default Proxy for your account every other time, you can configure how often it turns.

Account Rotation Feature

We will pick a random proxy from your proxies pool every time it rotates. By default, all proxies in your pool are enabled for rotation, in case you want to exclude specific proxies from the rotation process you may do it from your proxies page. The screenshot below shows an example of that page and the toggles you should use.

Enable / Disable Rotation for certain Proxies

4 ) 💰 Purchasing Private Proxies

Warning: These providers may no longer work pretty good after the latest Instagram updates, purchase them at your own risk.

We have a few websites we recommend where you can buy Private proxies, to check the current offers, please visit the Proxies Page by clicking here

Check proxies offers

After purchasing any proxies from ANY company, please allow up 5-10 minutes to get your proxies and also 5-10 minutes to IP authorization to apply. For any problems regarding proxies not working, make sure to contact their support and not IGERSLIKE.

4.1 ) Purchase Proxies on SSL Private Proxies

SSL Private proxies is an old and one of the best proxy providers on the market. We will explain here how to purchase the correct proxies and how to authorize them. Start by Visiting this page to Purchase . Also, make sure you order Instagram Proxies and not other types. The purchase should be made as follows :

Purchasing Instagram Proxies on SSL

After you purchased and paid for your proxies, you should get them in 5-10 minutes. Go forward and login to your dashboard, the image below shows how to add the IP Authorization on SSLPrivate PRoxies Dashboard

Dashboard of SSL Private Proxies

Make sure you add our IP Address as IP Authorization, you can find this IP at Instagram Tools > Proxies as explained on the Proxies - Errors, How to Add & Authorize FAQ. After authorized you can add those proxies on your IGERSLIKE Account. Please allow up to 5-10 Min for Authorization apply.

4.2 ) Purchase Proxies on BlazingSEO

BlazingSEO LLC is also a know right provider when it comes to Private Proxies. As an alternative, if you wish, you can also purchase from their website. Feel free to check what the company works better for you.

How to Purchase Proxies on BlazingSEO

After you purchased and paid for your proxies, you should get them in 5-10 minutes. Go forward and login to your dashboard, the image below shows how to add the IP Authorization on BlazingSEO Dashboard

BlazingSEO IP Authorization

🎉 Finished

That's it! You should now be able to add the proxies you just purchased into your Proxies Page by clicking here . Don't forget to double check if you have authorized the correct IP Address, you can also use username:password authentication if you wish
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